10 de January del 2018

Tiny Wins

A really interesting post about how little changes in the user interface can really benefit users.

9 de January del 2018

typo/graphic posters

Every now and then I’m in charge of designing some posters for my school’s students union. It’s always a good thing to seek inspiration before creating anything and until now that search has been unsuccesful.

Everything changes today, as I’ve discovered typo/graphic posters, a website that displays a large collection of posters that I’m sure it’s going to be really useful to me in the future. The posters that appear on the main page change every time you load it and there’s a search box to find anything you want.

29 de August del 2017

Google Quickdraw Data Discoveries

A very curious Twitter thread (even though I hate them) about how people from different countries draw some objects very differently. Data is from the Quick, Draw!’s data page, a Google experiment aimed at creating the world’s largest doodling dataset in order to train a neural network to recognize them.